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Dr James Perry

Dr James Perry

Postdoctoral Research Associate

College Postdoctoral Associate, Jesus College

Room 328b
Cavendish Laboratory
19 JJ Thomson Ave
Cambridge CB3 0HE

Office Phone: (+44)1223 748087


James grew up in Norfolk, as an undergraduate took the Natural Sciences Tripos at Jesus, and joined the SMF group at the Cavendish as a PhD student. Studying silica sand under shock loading and ballistic impact, his research illustrated how very small changes in grain-scale properties of brittle systems, such as surface roughness or the presence of moisture, can significantly alter a material’s dynamic response.

James worked as a strategy consultant in the telecoms sector after his PhD, building predictive models of mobile networks and advising on spectrum auction strategies, before returning to Cambridge in 2018 to undertake an industrial research position at the Cavendish.

Research Interests

James’s research interests focus on the high-rate dynamic properties of materials - particularly metals, granular materials, energetics and structural composites. His work is experimentally led, designing novel techniques to help understand the meso- and micro-scale phenomena controlling deformation and fracture processes.

Key Publications

The shock and release behaviour of silica based granular materials
AIP Conference Proceedings 1979 (2018)

The shock and release properties of dry and wetted silica sand
AIP Conference Proceedings 1793 (2017)

The significance of grain morphology, moisture and strain rate on the rapid compaction of silica sands 
Applied Physics Letters 109 (2016)

Rationalizing the suitability of rhodamines as chromophores in dye-sensitized solar cells: a systematic molecular design study 
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 1 (4) (2016)

Behaviour of moist and saturated sand during shock and release 
Applied Physics Letters 107 (2015)

Development and validation of model for sand 
EPJ Web of Conferences 94 (2015)

Shock and release behaviour of sand 
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 500 (2014)

Behaviour of sand during release from a shocked state 
Applied Physics Letters 103 (2013)

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May 11, 2020

The Cavendish Surface Physics Group and Atom Scattering Facility invite undergraduate applications to a programme of collaborative summer research projects, which will be conducted remotely, given current and likely restrictions on travel.

PhD Project Available through CDT in Diamond Science and Technology

May 01, 2018

A fully funded PhD project to study the properties of Polycrystalline Diamond has recently become available through the CDT for Diamond Science and Technology. For more information contact Andrew Jardine <apj24>.

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