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Fulden Eratam

Fulden Eratam

Research Student

Research Interests

Manifestation of Chirality at solid surfaces as probed by Helium Atom Scattering (HAS) techniques; in particular the chiral uptake of simple amino-alcohols and simple amino-acids by metal surfaces

Adsorption dynamics of small molecules on ice surfaces as well as the adsorption and assembly of water at solid surfaces

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Undergraduate Summer 2020 Research Projects

May 11, 2020

The Cavendish Surface Physics Group and Atom Scattering Facility invite undergraduate applications to a programme of collaborative summer research projects, which will be conducted remotely, given current and likely restrictions on travel.

PhD Project Available through CDT in Diamond Science and Technology

May 01, 2018

A fully funded PhD project to study the properties of Polycrystalline Diamond has recently become available through the CDT for Diamond Science and Technology. For more information contact Andrew Jardine <apj24>.

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