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Surfaces, Microstructure and Fracture Group

A wide-ranging and comprehensive set of bibliographies are maintained covering the dynamic mechanical properties of materials. These have been compiled using the bibliographic software package 'Endnote'. They complement the standard on-line data bases in that many papers are listed from before 1980 and from conferences not covered by the on-line data bases. English language translation journals of Russian literature are covered. Selected bibliographies can be purchased by contacting Dr Stephen Walley (email address may be found in the list of group members).

Title  Approx. number of references Brief description
Adiabatic shear  2890 All aspects of adiabatic shear banding (nucleation, growth, final form, theory) for all classes of materials. Probably most complete for metals and polymers.
Anisotropic plasticity 28,450 All aspects of plasticity of anisotropic materials
Ball impact 730 All aspects of ball impact on solids
Blast  13,650 All aspects of explosions in air and water including damage to structures.
Brazilian test
Diametral compression
Bubbles 4370 Cavitation, sonoluminescence
Dynamic temperature measurement 2090 Measurement of temperature under dynamic loading conditions
Energetic liquids  2500 Mechanical, physical, deflagration and detonation properties of liquids used as explosives or propellants. Does not include chemical synthesis.
Energetic solids  23,000 Mechanical, physical, deflagration and detonation properties of solids used as explosives or propellants. Does not include chemical synthesis.
Equation of state
All aspects of equations of state, particularly of condensed matter
Erosion 5870 Erosive damage to surfaces by the impact of solid and liquid particles.
Fracture  23,300 Fragmentation of shells and other structures by explosion. Also exploding wires. Some general papers on fracture.
Granular matter
All aspects of granular matter
High strain rate properties of ceramics  12,600 Mechanical properties of brittle materials (man-made ceramics and rocks) when subjected to blast, ballistic impact, shock, drop-weight and Hopkinson bar testing.
High strain rate properties of composites  10,500 Mechanical properties of composite materials (polymer, metal and ceramic matrices) when subjected to blast, ballistic impact, shock, drop-weight and Hopkinson bar testing. Probably most complete for polymer and metal matrices.
High strain rate properties of concrete 3900 Mechanical properties of concrete and cement when subjected to blast, ballistic impact, shock, drop-weight and Hopkinson bar testing. 
High strain rate properties of metals  9100 Mechanical properties of metals determined by drop-weight and Hopkinson bar testing. Some papers on constitutive modelling.
High strain rate properties of polymers  5200 Mechanical properties of polymers determined by drop-weight, shock-loading (plate-impact and laser), and Hopkinson bar testing. 
Ice and snow 5800 Mechanical and frictional properties of ice and snow (includes fracture, shock, blast, compression testing)
Indentation studies of all classes of materials
Laser shocking of matter  2950 Laser shocking of materials (does not include laser annealing or ablation)
Lubrication & upsetting  1850 Quasi-static and dynamic upsetting of solid cylinders. Mostly metals, but some polymers, ceramics and concrete. Ring test to determine friction. 
Machining 6930 Materials issues to do with machining any type of material.
Metal foams
All aspects of metal foams
Metal Matrix Composites (fibre reinforced)  1580 Mechanical properties of fibre reinforced MMCs.
Molecular properties of polymers  39,000 Classic papers on the theory of polymer molecules. Thermal conductivity, specific heats, glass transition and other mechanical transitions. Relation between molecular and gross mechanical properties. 
Optical methods 3600 Key papers on moiré and speckle methods of strain analysis, high speed photography
Polymer aging 7350 Papers on anything to do with aging, weathering or degradation of polymers
Polymer crystallinity 8760 Anything to do with the crystallization of polymers
Polymer diffusion 5230 Anything to do with diffusion in polymers
Polymer fracture 4700 Anything to do with fracture of polymers
Polymer plasticity  18,430 Anything to do with anelastic deformation of polymers.
Saint-Venant principle  420 Key papers and review papers on the Saint-Venant principle (of especial interest when the specimen is smaller than the Hopkinson bar, for example).
Shockloading  18,300 Shock loading of all materials (metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, concrete, energetic materials) by plate impact, laser or explosive shocking.
Mechanical properties of solder
Sliding friction 21,900 Sliding friction on metals, polymers, ceramics, geological materials. Surface roughness. 
Stress & strain gauges 2050 All aspects of stress and strain gauges.
Taylor impact 580 Deformation of long and short rods fired against massive unyielding targets. Modelling and constitutive relations.
Terminal ballistics  9280 All aspects of high velocity impact of solid bodies against solid targets. Includes military and space applications.
Dynamic compression of cylinders and rings
Waves in rods 3300 All aspects of elastic waves travelling down rods (mostly circular but some
of other shapes. Effect of temperature gradients. Metal, polymer and ceramic rods.