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Surfaces, Microstructure and Fracture Group


We have a number of long term and strong academic links with other institutions, some of which are detailed below:

Prof. Marc Meyers and Prof. Vitali Nesterenko at UCSD (USA)

Prof. Naresh Thadhani at Georgia Tech (USA)

Prof. Tim Weihs at Johns Hopkins (USA)

Prof. John Borg at Marquette University (USA)

Prof. Colin Pulham at the University of Edinburgh (UK)

Dr. Jiri Pachman at the Institute for Energetic Materials at the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Former group members Dr. Bill Proud and Dr. Dave Chapman at the Institute of Shock Physics at Imperial College. 

Prof. Paul Dastoor at the University of Newcastle (Australia)

Prof. Mikael Sjödahl and others at the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden (who have just opened the John Field Laboratory).

Jian Zhao at EPFL in Lausanne

Phillipe Herve at LEME